Saturday, 19 March 2011

My Family........and other animals!

It was my gorgeous number three son, Robert's, birthday on Thursday - he was 30.   

That is scary, but I got over the idea and we had our usual family meal along with his wife Dani, my other two sons, Matthew & Michael and their partners Jen and Raechel and my daughter Bev, her partner Antony and their two beautiful babies, Ada and Tobias.

This motley crew, along with my hubby Nic, me and the four dogs (Charlie, Lola, Izzy and Labrador Simba) had a lovely evening together - lots of nice food, some beer and wine and lots and lots of laughter!

Charlie, Izzy and Simba were all well behaved as were the two youngest members of the clan. Only Lola showed herself up with her puppy-ish excitement and interest in the newly-laid dining-table - something she's not come across before as until last week when we laid a new carpet in there, the conservatory/dining-room wasn't fit for eating in, having been the room the puppies were brought up in!

Everyone was there, standing around chatting and drinking and playing with the babies so I started to lay the dining-table with the last minute bits because the food was about ready.

Lola was being a pain and jumping on the dining-table for a mooch every time I moved away from it, so every time she jumped up on the table, I took her back down with a firm 'No'.

After the fifteenth time, I was starting to lose a little of my legendary patience and when she jumped up yet again I bellowed 'DOWN!'

....and all of my children and their partners promptly sat down and stopped talking....!

If only they'd been so obedient when they lived at home......!


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  1. PRICELESS! What a fabulous tale.

    When my sadly departed Bonnie was a puppy, I made the mistake of leaving her alone on Christmas Day in the kitchen. Someone, no one would admit to it, left one of the kitchen chairs pulled out away from the table and Bonniekins used it to haul herself up to the table and the waiting turkey, settling there before carving.

    Have you ever had a christmas dinner that consisted of meaty gravy, pigs in blankets and veg? No fun I can tell you.

    The cheeky little begger was the size and shape of a rugby ball and how it didn't kill her I will never know, as she ate a huge turkey all to herself, and at teamtime, she was sitting up begging to be fed.