Ada & Tobias:- lickle update.


Here are a couple of more recent pics of Ada & Toby, taken at their Christening in September. There are  more on Nic's camera but it's the time thing again.

 Unfortunately, our lickle princess has the measles at the minute, despite the MMR Jab. We just hope that means a milder dose. Toby hasn't picked it up yet, but it's probably just a matter of time as he has only had one of his jabs.  


Ada and Barmy Granddad

On one of the days we had the grandbabbies about two weeks ago, NIc was thinking out loud as to whether taking the pup Lola, with Ada to the shops was going to be too much, as the pup can be a bit of a handful.

A little voice piped up "It's okay, I can look after."
Now Ada has had a dog since before she was born and for a three year old, she is very good with them, taking no nonsense from them but still...

"You're going to look after Lola are you Hunni?" I affirmed with her.
"No," Ada told me, quite seriously, "barmy Granddad. Lola's easy.

Nic still hasn't lived that down.


Tobias Updated 2011-02-13

Just a lickle update on Tobias!
We went to see him  again today (...and his Mummy & Daddy of course...!) Ada was out visiting, so we had some time with him.  

Unfortunately, he was asleep for most of our visit and awoke only when his belly called! Clearly he takes after my husband in more than looks!  Oh yes, he has changed quite dramatically! LOL!  He is the image of Nic now, which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on if he gets the complete nose or not! (heheheheeh!)

Oh he is one handsome boy!  You could not mistake him for a girl, pretty though he certainly now is!
Well, decide for yourself....!

Gorgeous or what? And this was him hungry and about to ask - in no uncertain terms - for his dinner!
I have more pics on my phone and I will endeavour to upload them in a few minutes.


Welcome, Baby Tobias! (Drafted over from Eiglas)

I try not to go on about the family too much on this blog - I have my other blog, Eidle Tales for that  but I just have to say hello and welcome to my new grandson Tobias Nicholson-Pike!
He popped into the world at 4:20 this am and is, as all babies are - scrumptious!
I don't have a good piccy of him at the minute but I have this one nabbed of his Daddy's Facebook page!

We all see someone different in babies, don't we, but to me, this little chap, apart from his brow-bones which are definitely his Daddy's, is the spit of my brother Alan and therefore also my number three son Rob(...God help the poor wee mite...! LOL!)!
Let's hope the camera DOES lie occasionally......! (no offence Al - only bekiddin'! LOL!)

Whatever his features, whatever his woes,
we'll love little Toby, from head down to toes!

New piccie