Monday, 15 March 2010

New Hard-drive Dock..... fab, works fine!
Mother's Day yesterday and all my lickle chicks came to see me (the best present of all!) and they cooked a fab meal between them!

Rob & Dani made the entree, Bruschetta with Brie, rocket and olive oil - gorgeous!

Michael cooked the main of chicken in a mustard, cream and sherry sauce, sugar-snap and mange tout peas and crushed potatoes........mmmmmmmm! Divine!

Matt was in charge of the dessert which, although it didn't quite go to plan as it didn't quite have time to set, was just scrummy! It was a kind of boozy trifle without the jelly!

I'm afraid I ate rather too much altogether and paid in full with a very sore tum last night and this morning! Entirely my own fault, but I wouln't have missed it for the world!

And yes, Matt did bring two of my three hard-drives with him (..he couldn't get the last one out in a hurry...) but guess which one is missing? You got it...the one with all my stuff on it!


When I told Matt, he looked a bit sheepish and informed me that it wouldn't work anyway because her was fairly certain that the last hard-drive is an IDE connection, not a SATA like the dock I've bought........
How to you spell a very loud scream....?

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