Friday, 30 April 2010

Ada's latest.....

Ada is well into the terrible two's this week, despite only turning two a fortnight ago!
This week she has been what I would call a lickle imp! And I've only had her two days! LOL!

Because of her parents' temporarily altered work arrangements, she came to me on Tuesday lunchtime and stayed with me until Wednesday teatime.

She worked hard in the garden all Tuesday afternoon, watering the plants and counting the tadpoles and after having her tea and a lovely warm bath was in her jamas, ready for her to go to sleep. So we took Granddad to work in the car and she just managed to murmur 'Night Gandad' before she conked out in her baby seat!

When we got home, I popped her into her cot whilst I stripped and made our bed (Ada often wakes in the night and comes into my bed after which I don't sleep!) and was surprised when by 1:30 am she hadn't moved so much as a muscle. She just quietly snored! So I went to bed and slept until 4:30 undisturbed! She then came in with me and, as per usual, kicked me to death for the remainder of the night! LOL!

I've no idea how her parents go to work in the day if she's in their bed every night (...and she is...!) because I ached all over the next day! And talk about knackered!

The next morning, we were in the garden again, this time watering the garden, playing on the see-saw and digging in the sandpit and in the afternoon it was time for Musical Minis.

Musical Minis is a fab little kiddie group where tots from 5-6 months up to about four years play with musical instruments, learn nursery songs and rhymes and dance. For me, it's better than the gym! You try manhandling a two year old for an hour - it's knackering! Ada's no lightweight and I'm elderly! There's a very good reason why 57 year old women don't have babies....!

After MM's, Ada usually nods off in the car but this week she didn't. She was awake all day and by 4:30pm she was getting to be a bit crotchety. When she was denied something she wanted, she started 'whingeing' as I call it, putting on a cry. So, as usual, I told her,...
" Okay Sweetie-pie, stop whingeing - you know that doesn't get you anything. Ask nicely and Nanny will see what we can do, but no more whingeing."

Ada stomped off muttering under her breath and making a funny noise and when i asked "What are you doing now?" she replied defiantly "I's whingeing!"

I know you're not supposed to laugh but it took me so much by surprise I just burst out laughing! This actually had a good effect as Ada couldn't keep it up and burst into peals of laughter too! The pair of us were helpless for a good couple of minutes!

Apparently, Bev told me later, when she and Antony were having a verbal play-fight the other night Ada shouted at them and told them to 'Stop whingeing'! She'd wondered where it had come from! LOL!

More later!

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  1. I love when you decide to share! Having a 2 year-old grandbabe of my own I can appreciate each and every Ada tale. You brought back so many memories of my childhood with this one. My cousin and I were forever being told to quit our whingeing by my mother and her sisters. I'd never heard anyone else use the term. When Miss Esme starts in I call her Miss Moana in a whingey voice. That usually brings her around. You are so lucky to be able to have her as often as you do. Thanks for sharing, hugs, ei