Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Bad Boys......

Yesterday, Nic wanted to go to the garden centre to buy some plants, so we got ready, I washed and dressed two year old Ada in a pretty dress and put up her lovely silver-gilt hair in a pony-tail and matching slides - she looked adorable ( always...!).

She behaved beautifully, smiling nicely at the nurseryman and answering his questions in her baby lisp (...well, 'wubbleyou' actually...) and speaking nicely to everyone.

We got down to the ornamental bit and there were these bags of what looked like marbles in different colours (to put on the surface of your planters one assumes...) and I picked up a bag in a lovely eu-de-nil.

'I like these, ' I said to no-one in particular. Then Ada points to a bag of much larger stones and a little voice pipes up '....yeah, but look at those bad boys....!'

Nic and I nearly peed ourselves, as did the nurseryman and several customers.....

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