Thursday, 27 May 2010

Ada's trip to the swings with Granddad....

Yesterday, Nic decided to take Ada to the swing park for an hour before her Mum came for her. Toddling accross to the playground corner of the park took ages as Ada decided to traverse this bit backwards and looking up to the sky. Fortunately, the park was relatively empty, any children having gone off for their tea!

So having got to the swing park, Mrs Janocky says, quite sensibly, 'Can't go on slide Gandad - s'wet....' and so it was. It had been raining a little earlier. She proclaimed the same about the little roundabout but decided to chance the swing and the see-saw as 'Gandad' had his hanky with him!

So they toddled, backwards again, home across the now all but empty park, the clouds starting to glower a bit when, suddenly, our little heroine stops dead and, head on one side and two little fingers pointing like a gun she says, 'I've got 'n'idea!' ....'Pick fowers for Nanny!' and I got half a dozen squashed little daisies which will appear, in all probablility, as shrivelled little 'spiders' in one of my projects!
You couldn't make it up.....


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