Saturday, 22 May 2010

Nic's not perfect either (although he thinks he is...!)...

My memory was jogged by something this week which reminded me of a time we were decorating must be nearly thirty years ago now...!

Just to give a bit of background, Nic's a very private person...(Hi darling, you're on the web...!) and our houses since we were married, have been barricaded off from the outside world by layers of net curtains, lining curtains, big curtains etc. etc. because my gorgeous Hubby has it in his head that the world's Paperazzi have their telephoto lenses trained on that spot where the curtains just part company a little and there's a teeny tiny chink...!

He's quite obsessive about it and God forbid I should switch on a light before closing the curtains! You'd think we were still at war! 'People can look in!' is his warning!

Well, clearly when you decorate, all curtains must come down or be ruined and on this occasion, the pole had come down too, but Nic's fertile imagination had gone to work and he got up and fixed a curtain so it was tucked into the brackets that hold the pole up.

It was an elaborate affair with bits of other items tied around the brackets to secure the curtain.

'You can put the light on now,' I was told, so I dutifully put on the centre light as the lamps had been put away.

So we effected our night-time toilet routine and I was in bed reading when Nic got undressed.
It wasn't a big bedroom and the furniture was in strange positions because of the decorating, so there wasn't much room on either side of the bed.

Nic undresses from the feet up so the last thing to come off is his shirt. He stood up and pulled the shirt open, as you do and just as his arms were fully outstretched before he slid it from his shoulders, he must have caught the curtain in it's elaborate fixings.

They weren't elaborate enough, because the whole thing fell down, leaving him stark naked, arms wide open, right in front of the window with a light bulb shining above his head!

Any neighbours watching wouldn't have known whether to call the police or a priest.......



  1. ROTFLMAO! How long was it before you let him forget that one? Thanks for the giggles -- much needed this morning. hugs, eileen

  2. Poor Nic! I used to tell Reuben he had a fortress mentallity as the hedge at the front of our old house grew so big t cut out all the light......Thanks for a good giggle......x