Sunday, 23 May 2010

....I'm not immune either.......

Oh my goodness!I can't believe what I've just done - I think I must be ready for the funny farm!

Yesterday, I got two lovely chickens at a very reasonable price so split one for the barbecue we had for the kids yesterday and the other, I roasted in my Halogen oven (fab way of doing them!) which saves all the juices.

As usual, I saved the carcasses and skin etc and today boiled them up with the juices from the halogen, a few roughly chopped bits of past their best greens out of the fridge (onion, parsnip, carrots peppers) and a few bits of prunings of my woodier herbs (rosemary, lemon balm).

The smell was heavenly! I thought I could make soup with half and freeze half as stock.

So, in the middle of watching a film in my craft-room (making a card of course...!), I popped down to the pressure-cooker, and switched it off and got all the equipment out - it's a messy procedure mashing the mush - then in the next break I went down to seive it off.

I took the pressure cooker to the draining-board to open it (it sometimes 'rushes' over the sides when you open it) and then promptly seived the lot down the sink and 'saved' the mush! :o :(

:? :( :cry:

Someone please tell me that you've done this too......

Worried hugs,


  1. Oh no....sure I have done something similar! Do remember many moons ago trying to impress a man(not Reubs) by baking a cheesecake. Taking it out of spring container, putting it on some foil and promptly folding it in half- didn't have the presentation I was looking for.....I've also boiled dry a Christmas pud and it exploded decorating a ceiling......I am quite a good cook as well - honest!

  2. Thanksgiving dinner .... strained the gravy down the sink and kept the lumpy bits! Luckily I had some packaged gravy on hand and whipped that up. No one noticed the different so I've been using the package ever since.

    hugs to you, eisey

  3. ......wahhh!LOL!...that makes me feel so much better - love the gravy Ei....hehehe!
    Claire - I hope that wasn't what you meant a few weeks ago when you were decorating in 'Dusky Damson'.....LOL!