Thursday, 7 January 2010

Ode For A Small Child

Although you’re only little,

not yet one year old,

I’ve many things to tell you,

things you must be told,

About the world around you

and the wonders it contains,

About the fields and rivers,

oceans and mountains.

Of how you must explore them

when your life’s begun,

Don’t leave it until later

for tomorrow never comes;

Take hold of life’s bright chalice,

grasp it with both hands

Drink as deeply as you can

before it turns to sand.

Life’s what happens to you

whilst you wait for it to start,

Be true to your own values

and take care of your heart;

Be careful who you give it to

for love’s a precious thing

Not to be thrown lightly

into fortune’s fickle ring.

Try to love your own sweet self,

‘fore loving someone new

If you can’t even love yourself,

what’s someone else to do?

You’re worthy of this value,

you’re special and unique,

You’ll never see another you

no matter where you seek.

Be as kind as you can be,

to others on the way,

For they are often friends you’ll make

another sunny day.

If you can meet life kindly,

your own brave flag unfurled,

Then you’ll have laughter, joy and love,
and you will own the world.

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