Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Wife to Husband Anniversary Verse (long term)

For all these wedded years, we’ve made our life together.
It hasn’t all been sunshine, there’s been some stormy weather!
There have been times I’ve wondered, (I’m sure I’m not alone)
If we’d done the right thing, or should have stayed at home.
But when I look around me, at all we’ve made and done,
I know it was the right thing, for us to become one.
We have four special children, each one of a kind,
I’m proud to say they’re ours in body, heart & mind.
I‘ve made some compromises, I’m sure you have as well,
Life isn’t always roses, there are weeds in there as well!
The trick is recognising, the valuable bits,
And telling proper sorrow from just a hissy fit.
I was very lucky, when I discovered you
You are a man of honour, a sense of humour too.
I wouldn’t want to swap you for anybody new
I haven’t got the stamina, It took too long to train you!

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  1. If I showed this to my DH he would think I wrote it! Great job. eisey