Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A Verse For Friends

Friends are made in such a way,

that missing them can spoil your day,

and leave you feeling 'just that way',

That's how friends are made.

Friends are there when no-one wants

to hear about what different fonts

you've used on cards & 'pomes' for Aunts,

But that's when friends are there!

Friends will listen when you drone,

on for hours about some-one

you've got your heart set quite upon!

Listening friends are groovy!

Friends are who you count upon,

when others try to kid you on,

to tell the truth about some con,

Truthful friends are rare.

Friends are those who can't conceal,

from one another how they feel,

They share their hearts & souls & ideals,

That's how friends should be.

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