Monday, 4 January 2010

Two Gold Rings - a Wedding Day Ode

Two gold rings with just one bend,

no beginning and no end,

where I finish, you begin,

I don’t lose & you don’t win;

Together in close harmony,

as one, but own identity;

Making plans & sharing views,

I don’t win & you don’t lose;

Symbiosis, complement

work together, heaven sent

caring, sharing partnership

getting over little blips;

Talk, discuss & arbitrate

Compromise & celebrate

this life together, all the above

can only work when there is love.

I usually use this verse on a card cut out like two wedding rings and I write the verse around the rings in an unending line.
Can't find a photo just now - will upload when I find it!

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  1. Oh, now I don't know which one to use ... but it will be one of them. eisey