Thursday, 7 January 2010

Way Back Then.........

Way back then when I were a kid,

you’d never believe the things that we did,

clean the grate out, set the fire,

clean the plug-holes out with wire;

Scrub the lavvy, wash the floor,

an’, by ‘eck, we weren’t ‘alf poor,

‘pop’ Dad’s suit on Monday dinner,

by Friday evenin’ he were two sizes thinner!

Cherry wobs played in the street,

was all we ‘ad in way of ‘treat

sweeties bein’ beyond our means

and not been invented, to be int’ teens

and so we ‘ad nowhere to go,

except back ‘ome, so ‘ome you’d go,

back to scrubbin’ soddin’ floor,

I’m glad s’not like that no more!

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