Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Where Have You Gone

Where have you gone to my little one, my little one?
Why have you left me alone?
The angels were lonely, they needed you with them
But now I am all on my own.

They say that you’re with me, my little one, my little one,
They say that you never will go,
Then why’s my heart broken never to mend again,
Why am I missing you so?

But wait! Hear that whispering? It sounds like your laughter,
That breeze on my cheek, it’s your breath!
That scent of the lilacs, it’s you I am sensing
The first I have known since your death.

I know where you are now, my little one, my little one,
You’re here in the room with me, Dear,
For my heart will hold you forever and ever
And always will I hold you near.

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