Tuesday, 5 January 2010

First Holy Communion Verse

You’ve always been quite special, today you’re even more,
Today you have a bond with God that wasn’t there before.
He’s always loved you dearly, he’ll be there to the end,
Because today you’ve chosen Him to be your special friend.

Today you make a promise, to God and Jesus Christ
To try to be a Christian and live a Christian life.
In answer to this promise, God will promise too
To send a special Guardian Angel, to watch over you.

Whenever you have problems or need a helping hand,
Just ask your Guardian Angel, he’ll always understand,
he’ll wrap his wings around you and protect you from your foes
And always he’ll watch over you from your head down to your toes.

You have a friend in Jesus, he’ll be there all your days,
And if you ask he’ll help you out in many different ways.
He’ll love you without measure, no matter what you do,
And all he asks for in return is that you love him too.

So keep the Ten Commandments and pray to God each night
And ask for help to do what’s good and know what’s wrong from right.
Remember that God loves you, and give the Lord His Prayer,
And you’ll find, when you need him, that Jesus will be there.

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