Friday, 8 January 2010

Ode to a Chocoholic Karaoke Singer

Hey ................! Happy Birthday, we really think you’re cool!
You’re such a lovely mover, you’d think you’d gone to school;
The kind of school you go to for the Performing Arts
For singing and a-dancing and a–breaking of the hearts;
You’re great on Karaoke, a star waiting in the wings
to be a new discovery when you start to sing;
Then there’s your other passion, your other love affair,
Do we speak of Brad Pitt? That wouldn’t be quite fair!
Because your love for chocolate goes far more deep than sex,
For what are men compared with Lindt but bits & butts & pecs?
That velvet, dreamy substance which melts upon the lips
But what a shame it comes to land quite squarely on the hips!
But quite sincerely ............., you really are the best,
We love you quite to pieces, you’re so different from the rest,
You’re kind and mad and funny in lots of lovely ways
We wouldn’t want to change you for a million large Milk Trays!!!

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