Thursday, 7 January 2010

For A Special Son

When you were small

you always looked for trouble,

Meeting it much closer than halfway,

Now you are tall

My worry is quite double

No longer can I put you safe away.

Where once I could

enclose you to my bosom,

Hide you from the outside world of pain,

Now, still, I would

Die for you and then some,

But know you have to go your way to gain.

Lately it, seems,

That I am getting smaller.

Or maybe it’s just you who’s getting big,

We’re still extremes

but now it’s you who’s taller,

You who protect me, your ‘Little Pig’.

Now it’s you who

paints my bedroom ceiling,

You’re the one who lifts my heavy stuff,

You’re kind and caring

and you are so loving

I’m proud you are my son -that’s more than enough

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