Thursday, 7 January 2010

My Mum's view.....

When I was working for a reputable Estate Agents in Liverpool some years ago, I used to call my elderly parents a couple of times a day to make sure they were okay and to see if they needed anything bringing in on my way home, such as milk or bread.

My Mum was something of a telly addict and was always watching something on the box, so I was used to her being a bit absent-minded when she spoke to me on the phone.

This particular day, she was even more ‘absent’ than usual so I asked her what she was watching.

“Oh, love, it’s those Red Devils! They’re so clever with those planes aren’t they? They’re making patterns in the sky with coloured smoke……OH!…..” she exclaimed loudly.

“What’s up Mum?”

“…just a minute….Oh dear!…”

“Mum, what’s going on?”

“Oh love, there’s been a crash! Two of the planes have collided mid-air…….Ahhh….. it’s okay….it’s alright love, the pilot’s managed to ejaculate out of the plane…….”

I think she may have meant eject.....

I don’t think she heard me asking “Did he have time…?”

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  1. Ha Ha, that's a classic :o) My Mum used to get her words mixed up, but I can't remember one as good as that xx